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It is estimated to be the most successful and popular shell sharing site in 2023. On the other hand, it’s one of the few quality sites whose defenses can balance getting a “risky file warning” for the shell encryption method while hosting the shell, even on a firewalled server, making it the best shell site.

root/ Shell Type (PHP-PERL) Script
001 c99 Shell PHP .zip
002 Evil Twin Shell PHP .zip
003 0byt3m1n1 Shell PHP .zip
004 Alfa Shell PHP .zip
005 Marijuana Shell PHP .zip
006 IndoXploit v3 Shell PHP .zip
007 Imunify360 Bypass Shell PHP .zip
008 Antichat Shell PHP .zip
009 NineSec Shell PHP .zip
010 Mini Shell PHP .zip
011 Injection v3 Shell PHP .zip
012 CGI Telnet (hit) PERL .zip
013 WSO Shell PHP .zip
014 K2ll33D Shell PHP .zip
015 Webadmin Shell PHP .zip
016 Symlink Shell PHP .zip
017 File Manager Shell PHP .zip
018 B374k Shell PHP .zip
019 Upload Shell PHP .zip
020 Command Shell PHP .zip
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